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No matter where you live you can still invest in top level coaching and get the hands on support you deserve! With our online coaching program you will receive true individualized programming, detailed coaching, and constant support. This is not a program where you are left on your own for weeks on end. We communicate with our athletes on a frequent basis to make sure they are making progress!

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Equipment / Apparel

Our equipment is top of the line! Lifters have been talking up the support our wrist wraps and elbow sleeves deliver! 905 lbs has been benched in competition with our wraps and elbow tendinitis seems to be soothed by the compression of our sleeves! Not to mention the awesome designs we offer in our top quality apparel options!  

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Bench Clinics

Our Bench Clinics are described as fun, engaging, and incredibly insightful! These clinics are not only ideal for powerlifters, but are also extremely beneficial and can be tailored for crossfitters, athletes, and the general fitness population! Everyone can benefit from learning to bench press in a more safe and effective manner! Who doesn't hope to bench press more weight?? Our bench clinics will show you how! 

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We offer a host of FREE information! Our Youtube and Instagram content has become a popular destination for information on how to become a better bench presser! Our podcast is released every Thursday. We talk training, bench pressing, and regularly interview amazing and inspirational athletes. Don't forget to stop by our Bench Blog! Articles on various bench pressing self help topics can be found here and among our exclusive EliteFTS hosted articles!

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