3 Biggest Raw Bench Press Mistakes!

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3 Biggest Raw Bench Press Mistakes!

These are some of the biggest mistakes I see in raw bench training!

Too Much Touch N' Go

A touch n' go bench is a completely different movement from comp paused benching if you want to break it down.
The only touch n' go I have our athletes do is on early cycle speed work if that's programmed. All their training I ask for a solid comp pause and we do a lot of extended 3-5 sec pauses.

Overtucking The Elbows

This is a differentiation from shirted benching. Raw lifters want to remain in a mechanically stacked position as much as possible. When those elbows lead the movement it can be seen as a leakage of force
Focus on your back tension here. It's very easy to think you're using your back effectively, and still be nowhere close

Looking For Leg Drive "Pop"

This pattern will allow you to get loose on the descent of the bench, and often lead to the hips rising or getting stuck mid range
Now I'm not entirely opposed to saving you're best effort for the press, but I describe it more as 100% leg drive the entire time and 120% leg drive on the press. This keeps most from falling into bad habits.
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