4 Bench Press Set Up Essentials!

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4 Bench Press Set Up Essentials!

Setting up for the bench press is unique for each individual. I'll coach it a certain way but in the end there are a lot of ways to effectively get into position

Like anything, there are principles that remain the same across all good set ups

These are 4 of them I'd like to share with you

1️⃣ Shoulders set in a good position! This means squeezing your shoulder blades together, and dragging them down towards your lower back! The good ole pinch and tuck

2️⃣ Weight on your traps! Your body weight should be entirely pushed towards your traps. In fact, no part of your body besides the traps are actually putting force down on the bench

3️⃣ Hips barely touching the pad! This seems like an oxymoron because in competition we need our hips touching. That is true! But what we don't need is our hips applying weight to the pad. If that's the case, I can tell you there is a major disconnect with your leg drive

4️⃣ Glute engagement! To get the proper hip engagement we need to get the most out of our leg drive, you want to think drive the knees out, while we squeeze our hips

Any good tight set up will have these things in common!

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