Activate Your Lats With This Bench Workout!

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Activate Your Lats With This Bench Workout!

Learning how to incorporate your back into your bench pressing is the quickest way to see more gains, less injury, and continued success!

This workout is designed to do just that!

It starts off with a couple of strong drills I like to use with our athletes. Torque bar for time (1/2" PVC 10 sec hold). Bend and hold with your back

The ceiling drill marks off where you started with the weight so you learn to keep back tightness during the press instead of over pressing and losing the tightness.

The core of the workout is a 5x5 at 70-80% of your 1RM. This puts you in a percentage that's great for making progress but light enough to actually allow you to work on technique and back tightness in general without breakdown.

Next is the reverse band bench row. This is a great way to challenge back strength in a bench specific position. It becomes even more effective when you constantly aim to reach the chest to the bar and follow the bar as it comes up

Lying lat pullover to further work on stabilization. This not only works the take out portion of the bench well but it works your ability to maintain your shoulder position for time. Bigger fan of less time more band tension here

Cap the workout off with some accessory work for the triceps and the rear delts

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