Avoid Elbow Pain While Benching

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Avoid Elbow Pain While Benching

If you often get elbow pain from benching, there might be a reason why the movement is causing you so much discomfort. It's usually wear and tear from poor technique over a long period of time

Making sure you're in a good bottom position is key to managing this pain. If you're putting unnecessary amounts of torque and strain on your elbow joints it will only compound in time. If you're in a good alignment you can press safely and healthy for a long time.

Another factor to look at is with what frequency you're benching. If you bench a lot over the course of a week, more attention needs to be paid to volume and intensity control. The more days you bench, the more recovery needs to be monitored

If you can safely check these off as non factors, then its probably time to seek a professionals help in analyzing the underlying issue

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