Avoid Resetting While Repping Bench

Bench Press Technique -

Avoid Resetting While Repping Bench


This is one of those things that as a coach, drives me nuts to see. When a lifter resets their tightness after each rep.

Don't get me wrong! It's a beautiful concept that would serve many well, especially starting out

However as you advance your technique, this needs to stop.

To create that type of movement you actually have to loosen yourself up and pull yourself out of a good position as I demonstrate.

Not only will this make the weight feel heavier more quickly each set, but your positioning will slowly flatten out over the set

Instead, practice locking your position in and maintaining it (as demomstrated). This goes for squats too!

How many times do you see lifters shrug up and tighten down each rep. While you think it may be helping you, it's a mental check in for a deficiency in being able to maintain that tightness while breathing between reps

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