Avoid This Bench Press Mistake If You Have A Bench Belly!

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Avoid This Bench Press Mistake If You Have A Bench Belly!

Now I'm all for a big bench belly!

In a sport where I see the trend of getting lighter and leaner become more prominent, I respect those who lay the big ole belly on the line!

While it absolutely does help! You need to be careful of something I see all too often.

The greatest advantage when it comes to a big bench belly is less range of motion. However, in an effort to make the most of this, many big belly benchas try to touch the peak of their belly height

What's the problem with this?

It's not a good touch point. I'm speaking mostly to the raw lifters. The peak of your belly is unlikely where you want to touch to have a good alignment and to get the most powerful press back!

It turns into a low dump touch with a swing like bar path back that lacks true pop and control.

Works with light enough weight, fizzles out when the going gets tough. Often times you see a mid range stall out and the bar helicopter a bit.

The optimal touch point is likely not going to be at the top of the belly! But rather, somewhere along the mountainside as shown here.

While the range will be longer, the positioning and control will be better and that's always what matters most in my eyes!

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