Band Pull-Aparts For A Stronger Bench

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Band Pull-Aparts For A Stronger Bench

Band pull aparts are an awesome exercise to target the upper back and rear delts. Most lifters and especially benchers in general can benefit from additional work here to balance out the over development of the chest and shoulders. Having the strength to keep your shoulders in a good position throughout the day is essential for longevity.

Band pull aparts can also be done lying on a bench to simulate the technique used when benching. You may have heard us use the cue "spread the bar" before. This is essentially what you're doing with the bands. Training this motion will help you bring more intensity to this cue. Training the back in a bench specific way

These can be awesome to do with higher reps and less tension prior to a session as a warm up / activation drill, or at the end of a workout to help further strengthen that musculature

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