Bench Drill To Save Your Shoulders

Bench Drill To Save Your Shoulders

Bench Drill to Save Your Shoulders!


If you’ve been to a commercial gym long enough there’s always that one guy who used to bench something impressive. That is until he hurt his shoulder benching and gave up the movement forever. 


Having a proper setup process and maintaining that setup keeps that danger to a minimum. Having your shoulders tucked down and back will load the movement into your lats which will protect your shoulders and allow you to bench heavier weight. 


For this drill you would loop a two bands (one on each side) around your traps and foot. I’d suggest using a heavy band  as you’re going to need a decent amount of tension for this to be effective. 


Now while you practice your setup the band will be a constant reminder to tuck your shoulder blades down and back and keep your shoulders from creeping up. 


This is a great drill to use on some warmups to reinforce the position or as a teaching tool for novices to keep the movement out of their shoulders. 


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