Bench Press Band Drill For Bar Path and Positioning

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Bench Press Band Drill For Bar Path and Positioning

This set up will teach you a few things...

Bar Path

This is particularly valuable for shirted benchers, but applies to raw lifters as well.

With this band attachment, you need to throw the weight back or it will turn into a front raise real quick. It will get you away from pressing straight up and get you into the groove of pressing back


Likewise, it will teach you the positioning required to press the bar back. For those who tend to dump touch the bar, this is an awesome drill for you!

Your elbows will need to be positioned well underneath the bar to put you in a position to throw back.

Most lifters get into trouble because they don't use their lats to tuck underneath the bar well

The more tension you add, the more you'll feel where you need to be!

If you...

1. Bench shirted

2. Dump touch

3. Lose weight out in front of you

I highly highly recommend working with this drill for some time!

To set this up, attach a band to the bar, wrap it under the front if the bench, and on the other side of the bar. Make sure the tension is even. I suggest starting with a mini band and working up from there. This isn't something I load up, I simply use it as a teaching tool

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