Bench Press Basics for Beginner Powerlifters

Bench Press Basics for Beginner Powerlifters

💥 Beginner Bench 💥
Powerlifting is a great sport that lets you prioritize training for maximum strength. The bench press is also a household name but a powerlifting style bench press is way different than your standard press. We want to shorten the range of motion, prevent injury and turn the bench press into a full body movement. These next 3 tips will take you from a standard gym goer to a budding bench presser!
1. Pinch and Tuck
When setting up for the press we want to pinch our shoulder blades together and try to drive them down towards your hips. This allows you to really load the weight into your back and ensures your shoulders stay in a good position to avoid injury.
2. Leg Drive
We want to be constantly pushing back when we bench. We do this by using our legs to constantly create tension. This ensures we keep our setup position tall and shortens the range we press. Remember the bench press is a full body movement, this is one of the biggest differences between benching for powerlifting vs benching for bodybuilding.
3. Row Low and Toss Back
The standard bar path on a bench is just straight up and down, but not so for powerlifting. We want to row low use our lats to guide the bar down then toss it back towards the head of the bench.
Mastering these 3 things early is a great way to speed up your bench press progress and will save you the headache of injury or having to learn it later on down the road.
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