Bench Press Elbow Fix (Stop Tucking Your Elbows)

Bench Press Elbow Fix (Stop Tucking Your Elbows)


Over-tucked Elbows 


Sometimes cues get taken out of context and things that apply to shirted benching get applied to raw benching. Tucking your elbows or leading with the elbows can help a shirted lifter finesse the touch point and bring the bar down. For a raw lifter this cue just leads to poor positioning on the bench press.




A quick drill to fix this is just to take a band, double it and then place it around your wrists. From there you can go through some warmups on the bench. If you keep good alignment with your wrists and your elbows you’ll be in a strong position to put force outwards on the band.




If you’re in a poor position the band is going to feel increasingly awkward and you’ll start to feel it pull through your shoulders. By fixing this bad pattern you’ll put yourself in better alignment which means you’re better able to transfer force into the bar which means a bigger safer bench press.




Try this drill out next time you bench if you’re noticing your elbows are over tucking or if you find yourself starting the bench off with your elbows. It’ll make a world of difference and just remember if you’re a raw lifter you can pretty much forget the cue “lead with your elbows.” 





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