Bench Press Leg Drive Quick Tip (Get the Most Out Of Your Leg Drive!)

Bench Press Leg Drive Quick Tip (Get the Most Out Of Your Leg Drive!)




Properly done the bench press is a full body movement. We want to maximize our leg drive by trying to generate force from the hips back towards the head of the pad.




Often a lifter will try to incorporate leg drive and it’ll show up as a hip pop at the bottom of the press then the bar comes up. When you cue bench from the hips a lifter will start to generate that force horizontally rather than vertically and you’ll be able to feel a big big difference.



When you’re working with an empty bar or lighter weights on warmups it might not be enough weight to have you pinned down on the pad. So if you’re doing this correctly you may have to reset after your rep because you lose position from the force of your leg drive.




If you’re finding that your struggling with traction putting down something tacky like an old yoga mat or even changing your shoes can make a world of difference in how effectively you can use your leg drive. 

Next time you’re benching remember it’s all in the hips! 



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