Bench Press More By Using Dumbbells!

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Bench Press More By Using Dumbbells!

Dumbbells hold some unique benefits that we don't necessarily get with a standard barbell.

One of these benefits is a greater amount of muscle activation. We cannot torque into the bar via the normal bending and spreading cues, so greater demands for stability are placed on the shoulder joint.

This works the smaller stabilizing muscles we may not hit as hard otherwise. This is awesome if you're looking to gain size and strength!

Another benefit is the ability to travel through a longer range of motion. Where the barbell would normally stop us on chest level, we can typically travel a bit lower with dumbbells.

This is an awesome chance to gain strength in the bottom portion of the movement and increase our mobility!

Dumbbells force us to stabilize with the lats harder. If you want to control the heavy weights, you have no choice but to get more active with your back!

You should feel the loading effect into the lats much more with the dumbbells. Think "catch the bar with your lats"

Last but not least, dumbbells automatically default us into a good position for the most part.

Which is why they are an awesome option for beginners.

While we can get into some unique positions with the barbell, you won't be able to do that with dumbbells or you'll drop them!

It's very easy to keep a good alignment and to know what that feels like as you learn

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