Improve Your Position And Bench Press More With This Simple Cue!

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Improve Your Position And Bench Press More With This Simple Cue!

This is a bench issue you may want to look into if you're lacking strength of the chest, or have an early elbow flare!

If you lead and drop too early with the elbows in your descent, you'll end up touching too high as shown in the video above, and it will cause one of a few things to happen...

Touching Too High

You're elbows might actually be in a good position, but because you broke with them too early, the bar won't end up stacked over the top very well. This will result in your elbows flaring back early to create this alignment to create force.

Loss Of Strength Off Chest

As a result of the excess movement going on, you're going to lose a lot of pop off the chest. If you want the most strength off the chest, you need to nail your touch point and alignment

To correct this issue, I cue lifters to engage their backs more! When they do this they typically won't lead with the arms but will essentially suck the bar into where it needs to be via their back.

Cue "spread, reach, row"

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