Bench Press Secret To Spring Weight Off The Chest

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Bench Press Secret To Spring Weight Off The Chest

How do you create a big pop off the chest?

Hint: It's not by throwing your body at the bar with your leg drive!

They key to getting pop off the chest is actually loading the back on the way down. Using your back like a spring and loading the weight onto it!

In order to do and feel that you need to lock your upper back in. You need to pull your shoulder blades into your hips and maintain them like so.

Just by standing with a PVC you can experience the difference it makes!

I first demonstrate how easy it is to touch my chest without resistance. THEN I lock my upper back in and the difference is unreal. I can barely touch my chest!

If you do this correctly you will experience much less shoulder injury and way more rebound out of the bottom.

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