Bench Press Secret To Tight Hand Placement

Bench Press Secret To Tight Hand Placement





Laying down on the bench and just grabbing the bar isn’t going to cut it anymore after you try out this setup tip. Ideally we want the bar low on the palm really worked into your thumb and have it come out low on the pinky side.




First off we want to determine our hand placement. It doesn’t matter where for hand tightness but be sure it’s even on both sides. From there we can use our thumb like a hook and start to work our hand into the bar. We want to compact our hand into the bar as we wedge it back and forth.




Torquing into the bar is going to help you with both hand tightness and back tightness. We want to finally grasp the bar by torquing into it and closing off our armpits. From here we want to make sure that the wrists are stacked with a vertical forearm.




If you find you’re having some increased wrist pain while benching you might just be benching with a loose hand which means your wrists are more likely to end up bent backwards. Try this tip next time you bench and just see how much better the press ends up!


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