Bench Press Setup Tips for Toes Back Benchers

Bench Press Setup Tips for Toes Back Benchers





If you’re a toes back style of bencher this clip is for you. At the top level there are people who bench with either style feet flat or toes back. The important thing is to get the most out of your bench press setup regardless of the style you choose.




Benching toes back there’s a couple mistakes you want to avoid. Don’t just lay down on the bench to get your position! One trick I teach is to have a lifter set their feet first then setup on the pad. Personally I like to use the bar as leverage set my feet then swing into position on to my traps. The closer you set your feet to the head of the bench the closer you’ll end towards it. It’ll take a little practice but eventually you’ll have the perfect bench setup every time.




You can also have someone help you into your bench position! By setting your feet and then having your partner shove your shoulders down and into the pad is a great way to squeeze some extra tightness out of your bench setup.




We also want to be active in the legs when we bench. The big mistake I find with toes back benchers is they just kick their feet back into place after they setup. We want to be active in our setup and have our butt graze off the pad not just lay on it. The same principles apply here as they do in feet flat benching we want to have contact with just our traps on the pad while not letting our hips sink into the pad.



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