Bench Press Solutions For Short Benchers (Having Trouble Reaching the Floor)

Bench Press Solutions For Short Benchers (Having Trouble Reaching the Floor)


💥 Short Leg Fixes💥


Limb length is something that you're just going to have to work with/around in powerlifting. It can be especially frustrating at times especially if you're having trouble reaching the floor with your feet on the bench press. There are some solutions and fixes that you can begin implementing immediately to help you be able to effectively utilize leg drive on the bench press!




Change Your Foot Position


This works especially well if when you get your feet out wide your on the balls of your feet. Switching to a more narrow feet out wide stance or to a tight toes back approach work very well and don't require any extra equipment. If you're stuck on your tipsy-toes when you do go toes back however you might want to consider using a different solution.




Change Your Footwear


Unlike the deadlift having some extra height to your shoes can actually be helpful. Flat shoes are great for powerlifting but if you need the extra height don't be afraid to switch to boots or an Olympic shoe with a raised heel.



Check Your Bench Pad


If you're using a pad that has a fat pad attached or isn't competition height often times it will raise you too high when you train. Sometimes switching to competition equipment can be just enough of a height difference so that you don't need to use another solution. If you are stuck at a gym that only has fat pads you'll just have to use another fix.



Use Blocks


Blocks that you would usually deadlift off of are a great way to bring the floor up to you. The one con is that they tend to slide around so placing a heavy weight in front or having someone hold the blocks for you are a must. Often if you're benching with blocks toes back you wont have an issue with them sliding.



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