Bench Press Workout: Close Grip With Bands

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Bench Press Workout: Close Grip With Bands

This is a workout I developed and utilized in training before that we are sharing. This is something I've used on a raw bench cycle and recommend for raw benchers

Starting off with Close Grip Benching! We are using a close grip here to further the range of motion and target the triceps in particular.

The larger the range of motion we can strengthen, the easier it will be when we go back to a slightly wider grip!

This is a great alternative if you don't have the range of motion to bench with a cambered bar.

We add bands to prioritize strength off the chest. You need to be explosive at chest level in order to generate the speed to carry you through where the bands kick in.

This also give an additional stimulus to the triceps!

We finish off the heart of the workout with dead press w/ pause.

The dead press itself is a fantastic exercise because it eliminates any eccentric portion of the lift. So the tightness and precision you have to develop all off the bottom portion of the movement.

This is great for lifters looking to get tighter at chest level. It's also fantastic for learning a good bar path!

The added pause helps further develop strength off the chest and to put an even greater focus on bar path!

Capping off with accessories for the back, triceps, and shoulders.

Try this out and let us know what you think!

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