Bench Shirt Positioning Tips for Easy Touches and Presses

Bench Shirt Positioning Tips for Easy Touches and Presses





Equipped benching can be incredibly frustrating and rewarding. If you’re having trouble touching or finding a proper groove then adjusting how you wear your bench shirt can be one of the missing pieces you need for bench press success.





As a lifter who takes advantage of a bigger arch wearing my shirt with the collar up high can cause me some difficulty. For me it makes touching the weight a bit easier but I don’t get the same support on the press back. Often times the collar rides up too high and I start to get into my shoulders on the press.





What I do for my big attempts whether in a meet or for some close to max intensity training is position the shirt for an easier touch AND a better groove or easier press back. This starts by taking that triceps seam and rolling it down from the upper triceps to about mid triceps. From there I’ll pull the shirt collar down to about mid-lower chest right above nipple line.




This shirt positioning I’ve found works best because it lets me really spread into the triceps seams which help with stability and control. Once I do touch the shirt also wants to throw back naturally because of how low the collar is sitting. It takes a little practice to consistently adjust but it’s just another step that you can take to make equipped benching that much more rewarding.




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