Bench Shirt Positioning Tips & Tricks

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Bench Shirt Positioning Tips & Tricks


Putting on a bench shirt can sometimes be a pain in the ass for both you and whoever is helping you. Luckily there are some things out there that make sliding on a tight shirt a little less of a process.

Shirt Slippers are awesome to have. They cost next to nothing and you'll have them forever. Even if your shirt isn't that tight, I would invest in a pair because they just make your life easier. Especially on a hot day where your shirt just wants to stick to you and move nowhere

If you don't want to fork up $30 you can keep using plastic bags, they will do the trick. Others use baby powder as well, but I'm not the biggest fan of this because if you get baby powder on your hands it's very difficult to fully wash off and get your hands dry again. Slippers work great and you wont run out like baby powder!

Another trick is using the knurling of the barbell to help you into the shirt. To get the shirt up in the armpits that little bit more, you can swim yourself in with the assistance of the barbell as shown in the video. This is great especially for an opening attempt where you don't want the shirt jacked up too much

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