Bench Shirt Technique For Hand Positioning

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Bench Shirt Technique For Hand Positioning

If you can freely place your hands into position without assistance, your shirt is loose. A tight bench shirt requires partner assistance to get your hands onto the rings of the bar.

Not everyone can handle that type of shirt tightness because the technique, precision, and pain tolerance involved with that type of advanced lifting is very high. Once skill level is up to par, this video shows you how you'd have your partner assist you to the rings.

You are able to grab the first ring yourself but then your partner needs to guide your hand into the other position. The best way to go about this without putting additional torque on the elbow is to assist a lifter via the upper arm. It's easier for both parties to accomplish getting the hand out effectively.

You can also simply grab the wrist for someone depending on the tightness of the shirt and how sensitive they are to torque in the elbow.

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