Best Rep Range For Benching

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Best Rep Range For Benching

15-20 Reps

This is going to target endurance. This is important to us as a powerlifter for staving off fatigue. Even at lower rep ranges. It will also allow us to become better recovered. This is also an awesome rep range for certain isolation moves such as triceps

8-12 Reps

This is fantastic for muscular hypertrophy. This is a great blend of weight and time under tension. If you want to add size and work capacity, you'll want to put the bulk of your training here. Great for accessories and offseason benching

4-6 Reps

These are strength based reps. Strong enough to get a neutral adaptation, and still enough time under tension for some good size gain. Getting stronger will allow us to handle heavier loads at the higher rep ranges as well

1-3 Reps

This is where we will spend the majority of our main work training as powerlifters. This is our absolute strength rep range. More neural adaptation than anything. Getting everything to fire in unison and coordinating the body to get tight in one all out effort.

So which is the best?

They all have their place! Each phase of a training cycle will suggest more work in one area than the other but all rep ranges should be getting utilized in some capacity all the time, whether main work or accessories!

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