Best Spoto Press Variation For The Bench!

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Best Spoto Press Variation For The Bench!


The Thompson style Spoto press is a challenging bench press variation that intentionally makes the movement harder so you get more out of it

We are going to be increasing the speed of the descent here just beyond the limits of our control so that it becomes harder to stabilize at the bottom

Think of a NFL wide receiver making an open field cut. You need to be able to stop your momentum and redirect very quickly. This demands our backs work overtime to help with this.

Warning, that if you're not confident in your ability to stop weight with your lats, stay very light with this movement to start. If you're feeling this in a bad way in your shoulders or you feel like your shoulders are taking impact, slow it down

This exercise is more effective when you become more confident in your ability to use your back as a tool to catch and control weight. To assist with this, think about reaching your chest up as high as possible to the bar the entire set

Throw this into your training and let me know what you think!

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