(Better) Bench Press Chain Setup

(Better) Bench Press Chain Setup



Chains are a great tool to use to up your bench press. Sure you can just slap them on the bar and start benching but you’re never getting the full effect of the chain that you would on a squat or a deadlift because of how small the range of motion is on the bench



To really maximize how useful chains are I use this method of setting them up in my own training. First we need a smaller leader chain, this shouldn’t weigh too much and we’re just using it to attach the chain to a strap loader or the bar itself. You would loop this around to the appropriate height for your bench



Next you would take your heavy chain and half it. From there you would attach a carabiner clip through the middle of the chain. This should leave you with 4 links that should hang to the ground.  If you’re having trouble finding a big enough clip searching for a shop that sells climbing equipment is your friend



Now you have a chain bunch that you can hang onto the leader chain you might need to do some adjustments to ensure that some of the links are dragging on the ground when you begin the press so that it doesn’t sway the bar around on you



Using chain bunches now is the only way I setup chains for the bench press. It lets you get a bigger deload on the bottom and unlike a normal setup is effective for benchers like myself who have a short range of motion



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