Big Benchas Bar Grip Tip

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Big Benchas Bar Grip Tip

How you position your hands is a huge deal on the bench. That is your connection to the bar.

You could have the best set up and leg drive in the world but if your wrists are about to snap back into a million pieces then you're never going to be able to express your true strength.

Don't let your wrist position be a huge leak in force for you. Position that bar deep in the palm and wedge it in.

What matters is that the bar is aligned directly over the forearm, and remember that means your wrist wont be perfectly neutral.

A perfectly neutral wrist throws the bar in front of the forearm

What I've found is that when a lifter death grips the bar with their whole hand and thumbs, they tend to command that bar via their arms and shoulders and lack the ability to tap into their lats

False grip is a great training tool for that reason because it allows a lifter to learn to control the bar with the lats more.

However false grip doesn't allow you to torque into the bar and create the tightness you need

Why not mix the two?? This is what I do via our Big Benchas grip.

Position the bar deep in the palm but then drop the thumb out. It provides an anchor to torque (bend) but keeps it far enough from the fingers that you dont go full arm control.

You're left to develop your squeeze by focusing more on the fingers and thinking of the Jen Thompson pinky squeeze cue. You wont miss a beat!

Several videos are available on YouTube in full regarding all our grip tools, correctives, and technical advice. Search big benchas grip.ย 


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