Bottom Position In The Bench Press

Bench Press Technique -

Bottom Position In The Bench Press

Proper bottom position is something I look for right away in a lifter. Understanding where to place your hands and where to touch the bar is very important to get down early

What does an ideal bottom position look like?

Elbows about 45 degrees out from the body, and wrists stacked over the elbows.

If you follow this guidelines, where to place hands and where to touch the bar take care of themselves

Why is this important?

This will ensure the best force transfer into the bar. The bar isnt being dumped out in front of you, it's not handcuffing you up near the collar bone, and your grip isnt leaving you with broken wrists.

All that pressing power in a good allignment will go straight into the bar

You're also able to take advantage of all your musculature this way. Everything from the chest, triceps, shoulders, and lats are all in play working together.

While there are some deviations once you advance your lifting experience, this is always a good starting point for most lifters

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