Breathing Tip for Better Handoffs

Breathing Tip for Better Handoffs

One of the most rushed aspects of the bench press is the takeout. Combine that with a handoff person who you’re trying to communicate with and you can find yourself unable to properly breath and brace and end up rushing and not maximizing your positioning for in the bench press.
There are two methods that I’ve found success with that allow me to really dial in my breath. Instead of counting 3,2,1 then rushing a breath I’ll do a silent 1, this ends up looking like 3,2,(breath). Then once the handoff person sees my breath finish then they’ll start the takeout process.
Lately what I’ve been doing especially with my shirted lifting is giving the count to the handoff person. This lets me just focus on breathing and bracing. The added benefit to this is when things get heavy and I need a three man handoff, the lead person can coordinate the side spotters.
Having a handoff can be a great way ensure that you can maintain the best position out of your setup. Changing the way you go about communicating with that person not only helps you but makes it easier for the person handing you off.
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