Build a Bigger Bench Press with Your Back Tension

Build a Bigger Bench Press with Your Back Tension




Back tightness is something that a lot of lifters chase but have trouble executing properly.


Think of your back as brakes on a car. If you try to push it you’ll be met with nothing but resistance.


If you get on the bench and easily let the weight hit your chest you’re not properly utilizing your lats.


We want to really load into your lats, drive your shoulder blades down to your hips and create tension with the bar. It should be difficult to bring the bar down if you’re using enough tension.


The benefit to loading the weight in your lats is increased stability, a safer movement and an increased pop off the chest.


Give this a try in your training, having your back work as brakes might just be what you need to have this concept click. Once you learn how to properly load your back you can really add on to the amount that you can bench.


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