Butt Placement For The Bench Press

Bench Press Cues, Set Up Phase -

Butt Placement For The Bench Press

How you place your hips down to the pad can make or break your set up. Want a bigger arch? This is a huge key right here!

When you're bridged up, setting weight onto your traps, you can either do one of 2 things...

Simply place the hips down without much thought or effort. Often times contributing to a looser set up, less force transfer, and a drop in positioning

Or you can purposefully and intently tuck your butt back as best you can. Using your legs to help tuck your hips under.

Doing this will improve all the aforementioned things. You'll feel your back stay tight, and you'll keep much better positioning

The set up requires effort but the payoff is real. Nothing about setting up should come easy or effortlessly. Everything is executed with precision and purpose!

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