Can Push Ups Help My Bench Press??

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Can Push Ups Help My Bench Press??

The quick answer to this is yes... but it's a bigger yes for some more than others

Push ups are a closed chain movement, meaning it's easier to create stability with them then it is on the bench press. This makes it an awesome exercise for someone starting out.

Learning how to root into the floor and the basics of creating stability. This will transfer to their bench big time!

As you become more advance, I'd say push ups start to transfer less and less. They just won't provide a strong enough overload stimulus to keep you going.

If you're a 500 lb bencher, push ups won't do a ton for you. A way to make them a little more effective is to either add band tension or weight!

A way push ups can help anyone, whether you're just starting or benching 600 is general physical preparedness, or simply how well conditioned you are to move.

If you can't walk up stairs or tie your shoes without getting out of breath, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add more push ups!

A great way to do this is in your warm ups or throughout the day. It adds up!

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