Choosing Individual Foot Position

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Choosing Individual Foot Position

Foot position on the bench can be a highly individual thing. Everyone has a different structure and might feel better in a different spot. There are some important aspects to consider however regardless where you choose to place your feet

No matter where you end up, you need to drive the knees outward to get tension on the hips. A strong push through jello hips doesnt do anything. You'll also move around the bench like jello!

You want to feel like you can get a strong push back. If you're trying to mimic a style but don't feel like you can push back hard, then that's not the footing for you. This is where it becomes very individual. You need your feet in the optimal spot for you

Trying to copy someone's foot position is a slippery slope. Copying what you see other pros do in general is a dangerous practice. Just because you dont do the things they do doesnt mean you're incapable of being a great bencher. Instead it's better to look at lifters processes. What are they ultimately doing that is the same as others, and how do they do it in their own unique way

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