Critical Back Tightness Cue!

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Critical Back Tightness Cue!

Maintaining Back Tightness

If you struggle mid range or near lockout on the bench, it might be a result of you losing back tightness during the press

Most lifters can keep their back tight for the decent of the bar. Most understand why that's important. To create a stable platform to load and control the weight

However where most disconnect is on the press up. The hard part with back tightness is done, you controlled the weight up and are about to press through it

Jobs not done! Not even close

That is when you need to maintain the back tightness more than ever. Failing do so will result in a poor bar path, and an eventual stall out because the load is now transferred entirely to your shoulders

Pressing away from the bar is a great cue for this, but not everyone connects with the same cue. So I was racking my brain for something else a lifter might be able to somewhat relate to

The best thing I have is this log example. Pretend you're laying in the woods in your bench set up (what, you guys never do that?), and a big ass tree fell over you. You're in survival mode!

You're not going to see how much strength you can muster to press and hold the log over you. You're going to get as tight as possible and try to press efficiently enough to wedge under and out from underneath the log. Same principle applies to the bar. It's as if you want to wedge under and catch the bar so to speak. In order to do this effectively, the common denominator is maintaining back tightness

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