Cut Range Of Motion Off Your Bench With This Cue!

Cut Range Of Motion Off Your Bench With This Cue!

Retract & Lock is an awesome cue to use during the takeout of the bench press in order to transfer stability of the load into your back!

During the takeout we often lose a bit of the position we gained during the set up. It is very easy for our shoulders to come untucked at this time, which ends up putting the entire weight into our shoulders, disconnected from our back.

Not a place we want to be!

I encourage lifters to hold the bar for a bit and just cue yourself to retract and lock. If you do it properly it should cut range of motion off your press.

You'll feel the weight load into your upper back rather than you trying to hold it with your arms

The difference this will make in your pressing ability is insurmountable!

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