Drill For Back Activation In The Bench Press

Drill For Back Activation In The Bench Press

I love this new band technique drill I've been playing with lately for back activation in the bench press! It allows you to work the pullover type of motion required on the takeout as well as the "spreading" of the bar

Grab the band close enough so that it makes it difficult to spread apart to your bench grip width. You'll have a partner pull the band to give it tension behind you

This forces you to do a static lat pullover to keep the band positioned where you would take the bar out and then spread the band to grip width. You're back is going to light up!

I would suggest these as a warm up or as accessory work after you bench. Hit a bunch of sets of 10-15 sec holds with heavy band tension

No cheating the feel you're going to get from these! Should be shaking! Try these out and let me know how it goes!

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