Elbow and Bicep Pain Bench Pressing (How To Avoid)

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Elbow and Bicep Pain Bench Pressing (How To Avoid)

Elbow pain is something that plagues most benchers. This video isn't necessarily something designed to fix that, but to better manage it and work around it

To create a fix I always suggest seeking out the help of an established professional in that realm such as a PT. That is there job. Otherwise you're just generalizing a solution.

Some things that have helped me when it comes to programming is to adjust intensity. This will be the primary training variable I adjust when it comes to elbow pain with my athletes

We simply won't work as heavy. The next thing to go will be the frequency. Many times I have completely stripped a second bench training day out of the program. It's not going to help you if it's only going to set you back

Working with someone who can do amazing manual therapy work or something similar can be a lifesaver for you. Once you find what, and who works for you, that can be huge towards alleviating and eliminating that said pain

Soft tissue work is free! Use a common implement such as a lacrosse ball and dig into your tight tender areas. Spend time on those trigger points. Compression bands are also something I like to use for immediate relief.

Hopefully some of these tips help! We also have a highly viewed elbow pain video on YouTube with the use of a theraband that had helped many!

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