Find Your Perfect Touch Point with the Dead Press

Find Your Perfect Touch Point with the Dead Press



The dead press is a great strength builder that can be used as an accessory type movement for lifters. But did you know that it is also a great tool that you can use to find out your perfect bench press touch point?



In order to continue pushing the weight in the dead press you have to start off with a good touch point. Start too far up and you’ll see the bar shift down before it lifts from the pins. Too far down and you’ll either get cemented by the weight or you’ll be straining the entire time trying to get into a strong bar path.



A simple trick you can use to find that strong starting point is to pull yourself into the bar and see where you feel the strongest. That’s going to come from your lat engagement. There’s going to be one spot that just clicks from there you can use that bar position to start the press.




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