Fix Your Bench Press Touch Point (Stop Dump Touching)

Fix Your Bench Press Touch Point (Stop Dump Touching)


💥 Touch Point  💥 



As a raw lifter touching low doesn’t do much to help your bench press. When you touch too low you tend to get into bad alignment with your wrists in front of your forearms. When this happens you almost have to do a front raise off your chest to get the bar back into a good groove. What also happens at the bottom of the bench press your shoulders will lift up and raise off the pad. 




Moving your touch point up to where your wrists are in line with your elbows. For most people this is going to be right under nipple line right at the bottom of your sternum area. From this position you’ll be able to keep a good bench groove and have the best opportunity to throw the bar back and up. 





Filming the side view of your bench press is a great way for you to check your wrist and elbow alignment when benching. Next time you’re training if you’re finding that some benches feel better or worse than others check your touch point you might just be inconsistent in where you are landing the bar.

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