Forearm Pain Fixes, Bench Pain Free!

Forearm Pain Fixes, Bench Pain Free!

💥 Forearm Pain💥


One of the most common bench press issues I deal with and see lifters deal with is forearm pain. When you're gripping the bar that hard and you're benching some heavy weight these kinds of injuries just seem to crop up from time to time. We can however do some things to prevent and to help ease that and get back on to some more benching!


Sometimes it can just be a matter of not stretching out the flexors of the forearm. For this my go to stretch is pretty simple, just put your hand out against the wall and push into the palm of your hand. First thing in the morning after a heavy bench session I tend to feel it the worst this stretch wakes me up right away. The more pressure that I place on the wall the deeper the stretch I feel in my forearm.



One thing that you can do for some immediate relief is just using a voodoo band. These bands are easy to find and are a great tool to use to add some compression to the area. I start by wrapping my palm and working my way up to right below the elbow. From here I'll keep it on for a couple minutes, you don't want to feel your arm go numb but it should be snug. Now you can move the wrist around extend your fingers spread your hand or just relax with the band on. It's an easy way to prove some immediate relief from the pain.


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