Get Stronger With This Bench Cue!

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Get Stronger With This Bench Cue!

Where is the actual entry point of force into the bar when we think of the bench press?

That would be through the wrist joint!

So if we have a poor hand placement, wrist position, or grip to the bar, it negates a lot of positive things we might be doing across the entire body.

At the end of the day, we need to be able to punch as much force into the bar as possible!

For this, I like to think if the cue, "punch through the palms".

I like to bring up the example of an open palm strike. Where would you hit something? With the base of your hand! If you didn't you would likely break your wrist!

This is no different if you're trying to apply force into the bar.

So if you don't have a great bar placement in the hand, thinking in this capacity is going to feel pretty weird. That is because there is nothing even in the base of your palm.

You're punching air guys!

This is a great self check cue as well as a cue to amplify things a bit. Try this out next time you bench and see if it resonates!

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