How Much Can I Add In A Bench Shirt?

How Much Can I Add In A Bench Shirt?

How much can I add in a bench shirt??

This is a question that I am asked quite often and like anything it depends on a lot of factors.

On a very low end, 80 lbs, and on a very advanced scale, as much as 400+ lbs potentially!

Personally I get about 300-350 lbs out of my bench shirt

There is a lot that factors into that and I wanted to touch on the big ones

1. Anatomy

Anatomy is probably the biggest component. Those with shorter arms, big chests for example are going to gain a lot. As soon as you get that pop off your chest you're already so close to the lockout.

A good tight shirt is going to do its job rather easily. While someone with long arms is going to have a much larger distance to travel

2. Shirt Tightness

A tighter shirt can help you more, I think that's a no brainer. However, what comes along with that is a higher technical skill level.

It becomes harder to touch, more weight is going to go on the bar, and you need to be precise with your movements because there is much less room for error.

Your success rate at a meet might be a lot lower too. Most might not even reach a level where they feel comfortable breaking in a really tight bench shirt and being able to work it to their advantage.

3. Technical Precision

The better your technique, the better your shirted groove, the better you can work the shirt to your advantage. Become more skilled, add more weight

4. Getting Stronger

Adding more strength and a strong nervous system. This one is pretty simple and contributes the least in my opinion.

I've seen super strong people struggle in bench shirts because they lack everything else needed and they just don't have the nervous system development to even begin to handle those loads successfully

Shirted work is not a game of pure strength in my opinion. It's being a master of manipulation, patience, and technical precision

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