How Often Should You Bench Press?

How Often Should You Bench Press?

💥 Bench Press Frequency💥


How much benching should I do to gain strength? Everyone wants to know the sweet spot to make the most gains on the bench press as possible. Often the thinking is that twice a week is good which means that double that should be better. There is a good amount of things to consider when you are programming bench press frequency but it doesn't have to be complicated.




More is not always better, better is better. There are a good amount of programs that will have you benching 4+ times a week. In the short term the added frequency can show you some great fast progress but these types of programs are not sustainable. Over time you're going to get burnt out start getting some aches and pains which can lead to injury. When programming bench frequency we want to think what is going to be sustainable long term for continued gains not only some 4 week progress.




We want to figure out what is the minimal effective dose that you need to make bench progress. Benching too little and you'll find yourself stuck in a bench plateu that seems to never end. For most people only benching 1 time a week just isn't enough frequency. You need to figure out what the threshold is for you to make bench progress.




For most people the sweet spot for benching is 2-3 times a week. That doesn't mean 3 hard heavy bench sessions a week. With full power lifters I start them off benching twice a week. With one workout being the harder heavy one while the other being lighter speed or technique work. For bench only lifters I would start them off benching 3x a week with 1 of those sessions being more recovery focused.




At the end of the day you're going to have to be your own test subject. I've had lifters who could only bench 1x a week, while on the other hand I've had lifters who needed to bench 3x a week to even make progress. Having a coach can be a fast track in order to find out the best way to not only program your workouts but tailor the frequency to you as an individual.




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