How To Bench Press At Commercial Gym

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How To Bench Press At Commercial Gym

If you apply the techniques I teach you, you know that benching at a commercial gym can be a nightmare. Luckily I have some tips for you guys

Most of you know about yoga mats and bands. Both are viable options for bench traction. The problem at a commercial gym is the pads offer no traction. This is a big issue when trying to get into a good position and use leg drive. Using these cheap options will give you the traction needed on your back and keep you pressing safely

FOOTWEAR. Just wear anything that will give you maximal traction. Having that grippy surface for your feet is just as important as for your back. Whatever shoe locks you into the floor will work in this makeshift scenario. Commercial gym floors are often times slick as well

Cut a yoga mat into 3rds! Easy solution guys! Traction for your back, and for your two feet. Easy and smaller to roll up, goes right into your gym bag

Keep your shoulders pinched at all costs! Those pads are very narrow and stiff. It does not create a good platform to press off. Digging your shoulders into the pad and maintaining that pinched ensures you'll get as much stability as possible.

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