How To: Create Leverage On The Bench Press

How To: Create Leverage On The Bench Press

When I hear create leverage, I think about using anything we can to get into the most optimal pressing position possible. I also think about how to make the movement more efficient

One of those things is how the weight gets loaded

We want the bench itself to do the work for us. We don't want to be left trying to hold the weight up ourselves. Let the bench do it!

We become the wedge in between. Our arms are like shelves for the weight, and that force is being distributed into the pad

In order to do this you must lock your arms out immediately when receiving the weight, keep your shoulders pulled down, and allow the weight to settle onto your structure and distribute into the pad

The entire time we bench we are using the pads help. As if you had a wall to your back and were using it as leverage to push something with your legs

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