How To: Dead Bench Press

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How To: Dead Bench Press

This is an awesome exercise to build strength off the chest! Eliminating the eccentric portion of the lift takes away any additional benefit of the stretch shortening cycle

It's also a highly underrated movement to build technique on the bench press. You gain an appreciation for proper positioning and tightness under the bar very quickly!

To perform, set rack pins to chest height. Try to get into your best set up under the bar. I typically set up, then roll the bar into position after

Make sure you're using leg drive and keeping a tight back under the bar. You want that bar to start in the exact position you touch

From here you press! If you keep good total body tension and nail the bar path, it should feel smooth like cutting through butter!

We perform 3 top set max singles with our athletes and typically progress this movement for 2 weeks at a time.

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