How To Have Better Control With Your Bench Press

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How To Have Better Control With Your Bench Press

Pausing your bench pressing is awesome! You're already one step ahead when it comes to the training effect off the chest.

However, it's not enough...

How do we continue to improve?

The quality of our pauses need to improve. Pausing does you good but pausing with control and intention does you better!

How do we do this? What is the control center of the bench press?

The back!

So we have to gain better back control by locking each joint down and tapping into our back.

Wrists can be accounted for by squeezing the bar. Elbows can be accounted for by bending the bar. Shoulders can be accounted for by retracting and locking the shoulder blades

Now when you pause, don't just pause to pause. Hit a brick wall and show some control!

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