How to Setup On the Bench Press Tips and Tricks For More Tightness

How to Setup On the Bench Press Tips and Tricks For More Tightness




A tight bench setup is key to transferring force on the bench press. If you’re loose and able to wiggle around while benching that’s a guarantee that you’re not benching as much as your capable of. Here a few quick tips and tricks that you can utilize IMMEDIATELY to get a better tighter setup.




Bridge Up 



It can be difficult to make contact with the pad with just your upper back and traps if you just plop down. From the bridge position we can wedge our traps into the pad and drive our shoulder blades down towards our hips. 




Use the Uprights/Safeties 



If you have an upright or a safety to grab on to use them!  By using our hands to push against them you’re able to really drive those shoulder blades down towards the hips. In combination with bridging this will help you create a big(er) arch. 




Use the barbell 



Not all of us have uprights or safeties to use when benching but hopefully you do have a barbell. If you’re in a tight bench shirt odds are you also can’t reach out wide enough to touch the uprights. Here we can use the barbell hook our hands on the bar to lift ourselves up and wedge in a similar fashion. If you’re a raw lifter you can push against the bar to also create that pinch and tuck with your shoulders. 




Do the Shoulder Shimmy 



We don’t want to be moving around while benching but often I’ll shimmy my shoulders into the mesh material of the pad itself to create a tighter setup. If you have a sticky bench or another product to help with traction you want to shimmy one shoulder have that catch then shimmy the other side and work your way up the pad to drag your shoulders down. If you’re stuck at a commercial gym and have those smooth pads then find some ways to get some traction. I use a benchmark pad but when traveling I’ll throw either a yoga mat or some bands on the bench to create that tacky surface.




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