How To: Spot The Bench Press

Bench Press Technique -

How To: Spot The Bench Press

Let this video serve as a tutorial for yourself as well as those you train with. The hand off in the bench press is a critical position and carries with it a lot of pressure. You cant lift the weight for the athlete but you can single handedly help destroy their chances if you don't do it correctly.

The key to handing off well is all in the delicate approach to passing the weight. You only need to lift just enough to clear the rack. You do not want to pull your lifter out of position nor clip the rack on the way out. It requires the right amount of effort, just enough.

The other aspect is gradually releasing the weight. You don't want to handle 100% of the weight and then drop it all on your athlete. The lifter benching needs to get tight to the bar early and as it travels out of the rack, begin the process of tightening up with it and letting the weight sink into their back. If you dump it all in their hands then it will mess up this process and they will have to work harder to settle the weight.

The heavier the weight gets, the more responsibility the hand off person has to ensure their lifter has the best opportunity to lift it

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