How To Touch In A Bench Shirt

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How To Touch In A Bench Shirt

An important concept to grasp for a bench shirt is to touch on more of a horizontal angle than vertically. This is probably the hardest transition for a raw lifter to get down as they want to keep their raw groove. Shirted benching is a much more dramatized angle and bar path

Most shirted lifters have the issue of touching weight because they lock up the shirt too soon and try to pull through the material. Let the shirt work for you not against you!

First start by spreading elbows wide and keep a band pull apart type tension. Pull the bar down until the collar only locks up tight. Once that happens break elbows in and start towards the belly on a horizontal angle. You'll feel tension set into the triceps!

Performing the groove in this fashion will make it much easier to touch and will allow the shirt to aid you instead of fight you

Think plane landing rather than helicopter landing!

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